For Those Who Can’t See, The Eclipse of the Century Was One for the Senses

WGBH photographer Meredith Nierman followed blind and visually impaired people using the Eclipse Soundscapes app and NASA braille book on the day of the eclipse in Boston.

How to Watch a Solar Eclipse

The extensive NYT science guide to the eclipse included information about the Eclipse Soundscapes project amidst citizen science initiatives.

How Weird Will Wildlife Get During the 2017 Solar Eclipse?

The Audubon Society’s website included the Eclipse Soundscapes project in an article about research to determine the effect of the eclipse on wildlife.


The Global Voice, which is promoted as “interviews with interesting people from around the world” featured Dr. Winter in a segment about participating in the Eclipse Soundscapes Project.

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Another Science News reporter interviewed Dr. Winter in this podcast about citizen science projects scheduled to take place during the eclipse. 

“I downloaded the iOS app and just love it! I’ve been playing around with the rumble map quite a bit; but the audio descriptions of Bailey’s beads, etc. are my favorite part of the app. Thanks for everyone’s hard work on this.” 

“Thank you. I know this will help encourage young people with visual challenges to consider STEM careers.”

“Dear wonderful people, thank you so much for the fabulous Eclipse Soundscape/map.  The caring, intelligence and creativity that went into this innovation are immensely impressive, and the sheer joy and excitement it gave me are beyond words. Thank you, thank you for making this possible.” 

“I was able to view the total solar eclipse this morning from my area, and thanks to your app and my own research, I was able to understand what was happening. Like everyone else there, I was counting down to totality, and when it happened, everyone, myself included, was blown away. I got the descriptive commentary through my iPad as everyone was applauding, so I knew  we’d hit totality. The rumble map really helped me to understand the features we’d likely see during this eclipse. While waiting for totality, I worked with that incredible feature. I also got to show the app to someone while I was there. They were impressed. Again, thank you for a job well done. I can’t wait to see where this will lead to.”

How One Astrophysicist Is Helping The Blind 'See' Monday's Solar Eclipse

A segment of WGBH News, Curiosity Desk interviewed Dr. Winter and featured the Eclipse Soundscapes app in a six minute radio segment.